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Unique Vw 91 Jetta Front


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This is my daily driver since I purchased it in Michigan 13 years ago. I’ve visited many places, including Arizona four times, San Antonio five times, Virginia sixty or more times, and many others. You can depend on its 5-speed, 1.6-litre TURBO Diesel engine getting you about 43 miles to the glad loan.


Small History 

From 1980 to 1984, Pennsylvania was the production hub for rabbit pickups (also known as Caddy), which were exported around the world. In my opinion, they were manufactured in Brazil and South Africa for a considerable amount of time. It’s still possible to get replacement components. For around $3000–$4000, I was able to find a kit online that would allow me to convert my Jetta’s roof into a pickup bed. That is a lot of information to process. A full-size 1981 Rabbit pickup of mine got 50–60 mpg. however, its strength was limited. It’s the same 1.6-liter diesel, but without the turbo. thus, I decided to purchase it.


My Experience 

I was all set to head west in March when a coolant hose blew and the engine overheated. This hose has been replaced. Overheating caused the o-rings in two hard plastic connectors used to attach hoses to the block to dry out and leak, so we had to replace them. Until about a month ago, I was still using it for short commutes Jetta around town, and I hadn’t experienced any further gasket leaks.

It’s old and has other problems, like faulty front struts. In September, I got a flat on the right Jetta front and put on the 14-inch spare. When I got it up to more than 50 miles per hour on the highway into town, the vibrations became intolerable, so I sold it instead of putting any more money into it. Now we’ve finally arrived at that stage. The lighter, different-sized tire is most likely to blame for the shaking.


Present Condition 

The odometer reading of 273,608 is accurate. The speedometer is off by about 5 mph. Though the speedometer reads 65 miles per hour, you’re probably going no faster than 60. It’s not a problem with the battery. VW’s original wheels (the right front one is currently flat and unrepairable; it’s inside the cab). (I never bothered storing the spare under the bed; I just put it behind the driver’s seat. All of these wheels are 15 inches in diameter. The 14-inch spare is presently mounted on the right-hand side of the vehicle.



 For the most part, the vehicle has traveled in a straight line, resulting in uniform tread wear. Tires aren’t wearing evenly because of the deteriorating struts. It takes some effort to get the shifter into fifth gear at the moment. Even though it’s a simple fix, I haven’t gotten around to installing the new plastic grommets that I bought to address the issue. For anyone looking to buy a car this one is too catchy.

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