1982 BMW 320i E21


After the BMW 02 Series was discontinued in May 1975. production of the BMW E21 began in June 1975. Only a two-door sedan version of the series was produced. (except for convertibles made by Baur). The ‘Touring’ body style, featured a rear hatch. with a downward slope, was removed from the lineup.

Development Structure

In the beginning, 1.6 L, 1.8 L, and 2.0 L four-cylinder gasoline carburetted engines were used. The 320i was the first BMW model to feature fuel injection. which was introduced toward the end of 1975. However, both the 320 and the 320i were discontinued in 1977. and replaced by a carburetted inline 6-cylinder engine. while a tamed-down version of the four-cylinder injection went on sale in the United States. 

The 323i, the first model in the 3-series lineup,.featured a six-cylinder engine with fuel injection. while the 315, was introduced in 1981. Featured a 1.6-liter engine with its bottom end detuned. Baur made their cabriolets with any engine option between 1978 and 1981.

What’s it like to drive the E21 generation BMW M3? 

There wasn’t one, but numerous limited edition vehicles based on the largest engine. the six-cylinder 323i was made.

Jen’s E21 320i. even with the air on high .and the gearbox in the drive is the slowest car I’ve ever driven.

It also has a peculiar penchant for overheating. if I give it any kind of serious throttle.

The car would deliberately penalize you for trying to accelerate on an Atlanta. July afternoon by bringing the temperature gauge into the red. If the temperature outside was below, 60 degrees. I wouldn’t mind having the windows down.

but Jen belonged to the subset of southern women .who would never consider going without air conditioning.

We would then leave. Outside the entrance to my Atlanta subdivision was a sizable hill. and no matter how hard I mashed on the throttle.

my car would not go faster than about 20 miles per hour. we reached the top and leveled off.


Smooth Ride 

Though it’s plausible that the unfortunate BMW had engine trouble. there was never any bucking or hesitation on the road. and there was no suspicious smoke coming from the car’s exhaust. It was simply not effective enough. If you wanted either a torque converter or an air conditioner. you had to choose between the two. My personal BMW at the time contributed to this image. it was a 1982 320is with a 5-speed and no air conditioning. Even while it wasn’t as dangerous as Jen’s automobile. that one moved so slowly that it was easy to imagine . the auto-A/C combo putting a halt to any forward motion.

The E21 (and the 2002 before it) was famous for its quick handling. the addictive upright driving position, and outstanding visibility. and despite Jen’s 320’s slower speed, it retained these qualities. Even more importantly, it had character, and so did its driver. Jen and her BMW were a perfect combination.


The BMW 320i E21 discussed here is from 1982. It’s a fantastic automobile that would look fantastic in any garage. It’s a tonne of fun to drive, and it’s in pristine condition. making it ideal for anyone looking for a classic car.

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