1985 Renault Alliance Convertible

 Renault Alliance Convertible

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible In any case, if you’ve found your way to this piece, you and I share something in common: a love of fringe subculture. Starting with some background is a good idea. 

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible

Brief  History

The AMC–Renault partnership was created in 1979, with Renault retaining a majority stake. As a result, in 1982, the Alliance and its sister ship, the Encore, were made available to satisfy demand in the United States. These buses were built in Kenosha, Wisconsin; their exterior was designed by Renault’s director of baptizing, while their inside was created by Richard Teague, a seasoned American bus superintendent. 

 Renault Alliance Convertible

By the time production ended in 1987, 1,573 two-door, four-door, three-door, five-door, and convertible models had been built. This 1985 Renault Alliance convertible is for sale on Craigslist just outside of Milwaukee, close to its original site of construction. This may be the best lift for the summer, as it costs only $,500 and requires, in theory, nothing more than hopping on board and setting off on an adventure.

Renault Alliance Convertible

About Renault Alliance 

With the exception of the driver’s seat, which has seen far more mileage than the rest of the interior, everything appears to be virtually brand new. The time and effort put into this car over the years makes what is otherwise a quite unremarkable vehicle stand out and impress. Obviously, that stripe completely changes the way it appears.

Do you yearn for a cute convertible that would provide you with a high mileage of smiles? Nice and basic, this 1985 Renault Alliance 1.7 L (the huge machine!) is for sale now. 

Renault Alliance Convertible

Present Details

This 1984 Alliance has been owned by only two people since it was purchased in Albuquerque; the previous owner kept it in storage for most of its existence. Five-speed automatic top, air conditioning (requires charging), power steering, power thickets, and power thickets that need bleeding and flushing. This Renault’s 1.7-liter engine has an energy fitting, making it a rarity in the ’80s. With plenty of pedal pressure, the clutch is quite robust. Sadly, the main sundeck is the sole item that is now out of stock.

 Only a nickel-sized cosmetic blemish on the hood (not into manual) and a couple of small gashes in the external subcaste of the convertible top are the only visible signs of wear and tear throughout its 37ish years on the road. Extensive service records, as well as a form primer and owner’s primer, are included. Solely interested parties with serious offers should Phone: (505) 548-0943. Year: 1993. The item was a cool blue .

 Renault Alliance Convertible

The Alliance was a cheap hydrofoil with four doors and front-wheel drive. After the company’s withdrawal from the North American market in 1973, this was the first new Renault to be sold there.


If you’re in the market for a new car and want something economical and trustworthy, this one’s a top pick. With 37 MPG, this white-over-metallic-blue Alliance is ready for your summer armor, and you’ll spend less time at the gas station and more time coming to the hump, rowing your own gears with the five-speed primer relation that apparently feels like it’s made of elastic bands. Furthermore, this bones ports a 1.7-liter OHC engine as opposed to a 1.4-liter Precambrian push odder, you will feel less shame while passing elderly persons on riding mowers at stoplights $,500 a sum that interests you enough to team up with this neat little Renault. Or, is it a car and a price that you more closely link with the y-axis of wrong?

It’s up to you!

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