1988 Mazda 323 GT

1988 Mazda 323 GT

1988 Mazda 323 GT For the sake of asserting its dominance and gaining fashion ability in the market, Mazda tried its hand at Rally championships in the 1980s. After two failed attempts at creating rally buses, the company’s fortunes were looking up with the release of the 323. The 323 GTX was the company’s answer to competing with Japanese machine makers. The Mazda 323 GTX was born as a result of ruthless competition and a team of grim masterminds who made all the necessary changes. It wasn’t until 1988 that the car became popular in the United States, despite its long history of adoration among buyers in Japan and Europe.

Style of Design

The 323 GTX looks far better than the regular 323 thanks to its muscular black cladding, a design cue borrowed from today’s most cutting-edge crossover SUVs. Incorporating the GTX badges and a wider station makes for a sleek design. Mazda revised the floor, making it more rigid and severe in order to boost performance.

Even though the company was going for aggressive pricing, which reflected in option digital instruments, the stock buses were delivered with the classic needles, which looked good and helped the company.

1988 Mazda 323 GT


Mazda’s 323 series debuted in 1988, and by the end of its run in the US market, the company had sold about 31 distinct 323 series vehicles. We counted our beloved 323 GTX among them. It sold for around $3,000, which was very reasonable considering the quality of service it provided. The 323 GTX’s demise was due to dismal sales numbers. The American people may have only learned about the 323 as a “econobox” due to a lack of advertising and publicity. Even while only a select few Americans understood the 323 GTX could match the performance of the VW Golf GTI, its European counterpart was a huge hit for the same reason.

1988 Mazda 323 GT

Where Can I Find One?

Since the 323 GTX was last sold about 25 years ago, getting your hands on one is a real challenge. They sold the most 323 GTX models in the snow belt, so gravel wouldn’t be out of the question. For a vehicle of its kind, it was naturally put to heavy daily use on the roads. Due to its age, the vehicle is quite fragile, therefore careful maintenance and upkeep are essential. Even if you managed to track down a 323 GTX, it wouldn’t be a particularly valuable investment because of how rare the car is. 

Depending on condition, a 1988 Mazda 323 GT-X might get $2,500. Nonetheless, as there are still relatively few of them in existence, its current owners can set any price they like, so be prepared to part with considerable cash if you want one. It is not common to see a 323 GTX in mint condition up for sale. If you have a reliable connection and some terrible cash on hand, you might be able to choose one and have a great time rally racing throughout the holidays.

1988 Mazda 323 GT


It wasn’t only a luxury car for the wealthy crowd; it was also for families. It had everything you could want and more, but sadly, no one remembers the car. Nonetheless, it may always be found deep within the soul of every car nut. If you’re in the market for a new car, go no further than the Mazda 323 GT. It’s a vehicle designed to enhance your quality of life by reducing your stress and increasing your freedom.

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