1991 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo I

Lancia Delta Integrale

This AWD Turbo Rally auto is in excellent condition and is a blast to drive on the road. This vehicle, first invented in Japan, was later brought to the United States fairly according to the 25- time rule and serves as a fine illustration of a true legend of the World Rally Competition. A unique chance to acquire one of the topmost rally vehicles in history. youngish suckers love this auto because of their experience with it in the videotape game Gran Turismo for Playstation. Authenticity confirms the lore. The most pleasurable driving experience ever. 


Lancia Delta Integrale’s final homologation model, the EVO 1 from 1991, is frequently regarded as the stylish overall replication. This rally homologation edition is equipped with an a2.0 liter turbocharged DOHC machine that sends 210 power and 221 pound- bases of the necklace to all four buses via a 5- speed primer transmission. The top speed is 137 mph, and the auto can get from 0- 60 in5.7 seconds. Excellent grip on the road, swiftness, and power each around. It’s instigative to drive this auto. 

Lancia Delta Integrale

 Only,00 kilometers (,00 long hauls) have been put on this Japanese- made Lancia Delta Integrale EVO 1, making it incredibly authentic. buses ended in Japan are known for being exceptionally well-maintained due to strict original laws, and this bone

 is a shining illustration with a comprehensive service record. All of the auto’s minor problems have been fixed, and all of the listed conservation has been performed. 

The auto is in pristine mechanical condition and starts right over, idles easily, runs easily, and handles well. The retardation is sure and forceful, and the pedal is sturdy; the steering is tight, smooth, and accurate. Nothing is broken; we set up no mechanical or electrical malfunctions. 

Awesome Qualities – Lancia Delta Integrale

Its beautiful Lord Blue surface is still in excellent shape. Neither the unibody nor the outside panels show any signs of stress cracks or structural erosion, and there’s no suggestion of any rust repairs. There are only many bitsy cracks and scrapes in the makeup, and the body is straight and solid. Rally-style seats in quilted black leather and slate carpeting, door panels, and a star are featured outside. The high-quality dashboard still has all of its original needles and is in excellent condition. The original three-spoke leather-wrapped wheel is mounted to the column. It has a Kenwood stereo system with a CD player. 

Lancia Delta Integrale

The obliquely mounted,2.0- liter DOHC four-cylinder is inter-cooled and turbocharged, and it powers all four buses through a 5- speed primer gearbox. The57/43 necklace split, Ferguson thick coupling, and Torsen hinder differential makes up the AWD system. An important and direct necklace wind, an explosive top-end swell, and an instigative, genuinely Italian exhaust tone characterize the auto’s running nature.  The original sport performance tires look great on the satiny amalgamation bus. A tire-changing tackle and original space-saving extra are handed. 

Lancia Delta Integrale

 A perfect illustration of a true rally legend from around the world. inconceivable road conditions made for a thrilling lift. This one-of-a-kind and fun-to-drive machine has been strictly watched for and shows no signs of ever having mechanical problems. The Lancia Delta Integrale EVO 1 has established a solid character in Europe as a secure and durable device. The EVO 1 is extensively regarded as being easy to maintain because of its stoner-benevolence and the ease with which relief corridor can be attained. 

Lancia Delta Integrale


The necessary attestation for import has been completed. This vehicle is offered for trade with a current Vermont enrollment, Vermont license plates, and a bill of trade. The flashback is that Vermont stops issuing titles for vehicles beyond 15 times old. Not eligible for enrollment in the Golden State, but utmost other countries should have no problems.  still, check out this, If you are in request of a cool classic auto. This beauty is sure to turn heads, and it’s available for purchase now. Do not miss out! 

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