1995 Mercedes E320 Sedan

Mercedes E320

On Bring a Caravan, the 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 is currently available for purchase. Even if it isn’t the most extravagant or unique car there, people who miss the mid-size cruisers from the W124 era of Mercedes-Benz nevertheless adore it. Two of the more intriguing W124 variations to appear throughout the car’s ten-year production run are the Porsche-tuned, V-8-powered 500E and the AMG Hammer, but due to their rarity, the ordinary car snob would find it practically impossible to purchase one of these nowadays. Its relative price is one factor in the appeal of the E320.

Mercedes E320

This final-time W124 looks to have led a pampered existence despite beginning its life in chilly, snowy British Columbia because there are no obvious traces of rust on any of its essential components. How’s that going? However, this device has certain excrescences, such as a noticeable crack.

Mercedes E320

Short History 

In 1993, the Mercedes E320 was unveiled as a replacement for the 190E. Both cart body and hydrofoil body variations were offered. A 3.2 L inline six engine producing 217 horsepower and 229 lb.-ft of torque powered the hydrofoil. A 2.8 L inline six engine that generated 193 horsepower and 206 lb.-ft of torque powered the cart. Both devices were connected to an automatic transmission with four speeds. Four-wheel slice thickets, ABS, airbags, and traction control were all provided as standard features. The Mercedes E320 received favorable reviews from critics who appreciated its performance, comfort, and refinement. It lasted in production until 1995, when the E300 took its place.

Mercedes E320


Overall, it was quite lovely, but there were numerous excesses. The box latch needs to be adjusted to close perfectly, and there are numerous cushion cracks and scrapes. The door on the passenger side closes OK, but not with the distinctive sound of an old Mercedes bank vault. Most people won’t notice this non-functional defect, but if you are truly experienced with these models, you will.

Mercedes E320


Excellently maintained accessories (leather, panels, enthusiasm), but with a lot of excesses 1) Star is sinking in several places; add reverse support brace. I would pour some cement through a point hole if I had time.The driver’s side cup holder frequently pops open, although there are quick fixes available.

Compared to my prior MBs, the transmission shifter feels a touch stiff. However, this has never really been a problem; perhaps a soda pop was accidentally dropped at some point.

Design may be required for the headrest perpendicular switch.Driver’s side bill has a corridor and a medium clip that is broken.These are tanks, and they will operate forever if maintained properly and without rust.Conservation expenses are certainly more than a Japanese car of comparable age, but the driving experience is completely different.

Mercedes E320

The person who can use the vast amount of DIY knowledge freely available to save money, such as www.PeachParts.com and MB owner groups, is ideally equipped to work on these buses. Once you substitute the essential information, conservation becomes marginal. Depending on how vital you consider it, I would budget between $0.5 and $1.5 thousand per hour for conservation.


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