85 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon

85 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon

Can you recall the time, sometime in the middle of the 2010s, when it was socially acceptable to express a desire for a white station wagon with a manual transmission (or to make fun of individuals who liked white wagons once they became cool)? So, this is today’s Junkyard Find!

True Facts About Cars: 1985 Ford Escort Wagon

This 85 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon doesn’t have rear-wheel drive or a diesel engine, which are requirements if you’re going to be stringent about the whole white Wagon thing. The color is a variation of Ford’s “Desert Tan,” so it’s not really white, but that won’t stop the purists. The “Dual Bodyside Paint Stripe” upgrade costs an additional $39 (about $105 in 2022 currency), so that’s something.

Wagon version of the 1985 Ford Escort – Honest Car Reviews

The El Cheapo L and Slightly Less Cheapo GL trim levels of the 1985 Escort came equipped with a four-on-the-floor manual transmission, so the original buyer of this car had to pay an additional $76 to upgrade to this stylish five-speed rig. In 1985, a customer wanting a three-speed automatic on their American Escort would have had to fork out $439 (around $1,180 now).

The Real Story of Automobiles (1985)

The engine is a standard-issue carbureted 1.6-liter CVH with a cam in the head, good for a maximum of 70 horsepower. The 1985 Mazda Escort wagon offered a diesel engine option from Mazda, although I have never seen one.

The cost of this high-quality equipment was $6765 (equivalent to about $18,190 in 2018). When compared to the MSRP of a Honda Civic wagon, which starts at $7,195, that’s really decent pricing for such a practical vehicle with great gas mileage (just as fuel prices dropped). The 1.6-liter Escort was outpowered by the 1.8-liter Civic by seven horses. The Escort wagon’s MSRP was $2 lower than that of the Chevy Cavalier, its main competitor.

In the middle of the 1985 model year, the Escort received new composite headlights and a redesigned grille to comply with new regulations. You won’t find any “1985-1/2” features in this vehicle.

Considering the great quality of the pop music of the time, the extra $109 (about $293 now) for this four-speaker AM/FM radio was well worth it.

The inside of this vehicle is filthy, but it isn’t nearly hooptie level.

85 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon

Present condition 

Absolutely no rust is present. My best estimation is that it has more like 190,800 or 290,800 miles on it, however, the lower number is possible. The 1985 Ford escort wagon was a 2.0 diesel. I was assured that the current mileage reading of 63k is accurate. Under those circumstances, I could buy it. The outside is in excellent condition, and the interior is very good besides some sun cracking on the dashboard. Until recently, I was able to put over 7,000 miles on this car while maintaining 45-50 mpg. However, it has just begun burning oil, and I am at a loss as to why. Components for this engine are difficult to come by, as is the wagon itself. In addition to the third engine and transmission, it also includes a matching vehicle with 84 parts. The vehicles in question have five gears like the ones you have. $800.00

85 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon


If you need a dependable and fuel-efficient car, look no further than the 1985 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon. It is a wise investment because it is durable and well-made. Its low fuel usage makes it cheap to run. The 1985 Ford Escort Diesel Wagon is an excellent choice if you need a new vehicle.

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