The Used 1998 Honda Civic DX: A Rare Gem with just 28k miles

This Used 1998 Honda Civic DX is a standout car, exuding style, durability, and performance. Despite being over two decades old, this well-maintained car has a surprisingly low mileage of just 28k miles, making it a rare and valuable find. With a price tag of just $8499, it offers exceptional value for money.

Discover the Used 1998 Honda Civic DX

The Civic DX is a creation of Honda, a brand renowned for its innovative engineering and commitment to excellence. This particular model, a 5-speed manual sedan, was built in 1998. It bears a dark emerald green exterior that glistens under the sun, and the gray interior retains its original charm.

A Closer Look at the 1998 Honda Civic DX’s Features

This Honda Civic DX boasts a 1.6L I4 16V MPFI SOHC Engine that provides a smooth and responsive driving experience. As a front-wheel-drive car, it offers excellent traction and stability, even in adverse weather conditions. With a fuel efficiency of 32–37 MPG, this car is as economical as it is reliable.

Inside the 1998 Honda Civic DX

This Civic’s interior is as impressive as its exterior. The gray upholstery is well preserved, indicative of the meticulous care this car has received over the years. The dashboard and controls are ergonomically designed, providing the driver with optimal comfort and convenience.

The 1998 Honda Civic DX: A Testimony to Honda’s Excellence

Honda’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is clearly reflected in the 1998 Civic DX. This car is a testament to Honda’s ability to design and manufacture vehicles that stand the test of time.

Performance and Efficiency

The Civic DX’s 1.6L I4 16V MPFI SOHC Engine provides an impressive balance of power and efficiency. This car’s impressive fuel economy of 32–37 MPG makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to minimize their environmental footprint without compromising on performance.

Durability and Reliability

Honda’s reputation for producing reliable vehicles is well deserved. The 1998 Civic DX is no exception. Despite its age, this car has only clocked 26,085 miles, demonstrating the remarkable durability that Honda vehicles are known for.

The 1998 Honda Civic DX: An Outstanding Value at $8499

With a price tag of just $8499, the 1998 Honda Civic DX offers exceptional value for money. Given its low mileage, excellent condition, and the reliability that Honda is known for, this car is a great investment for anyone seeking a dependable and economical vehicle.

Why Choose the 1998 Honda Civic DX?

The 1998 Honda Civic DX is more than just a car; it’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to excellence. This vehicle offers a unique blend of style, performance, and value, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and economical vehicle.

A Rare Find

With just 28k miles on the clock, this well-maintained car is indeed a rare find. Its dark emerald green exterior and gray interior add to its appeal, making it a car that stands out on the road.

In Conclusion: The 1998 Honda Civic DX is a Gem

The 1998 Honda Civic DX is indeed a gem. Its low mileage and well-maintained condition make it a rare find in the used car market. It offers excellent value for money, boasting impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Whether you’re a Honda enthusiast or simply in search of a reliable and economical vehicle, the 1998 Honda Civic DX is a great choice.

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