1962 Corvair Van

Corvair Van

Even yet, if you’re looking for a vintage car, you should check out this 1962 Corvair Van. This vehicle is a fantastic representation of the traditional American van. And a wonderful addition to any collection. It’s in excellent shape and will attract attention everywhere you go. So contact right away to set up a test drive and don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


In 1960, Chevrolet debuted the Corvair bus line, which was marketed as a thrifty car. There were numerous body types for the Corvair. Including a hydrofoil, coupe, convertible, and station wagon. Chevrolet also debuted the Corvair Van in 1962; it was a lightweight van built on the Corvair chassis.

Corvair Van

The Corvair Van could be chosen with either a standard or a luxury neat position and was offered in two different wheelbase lengths. It had an air-cooled machine that was reverse mounted, and it could carry more than a thousand pounds of goods.The 1962 Corvair Van was a fascinating car that was innovative in many ways. The product was only produced twice before it was eventually determined to be unprofitable.

The 1960 Corvair Body Styles 569 and 769 four-door cruisers were designed as economical buses with many comforts to maintain a low price. The 500 Series sells for $,038 ($,668 in 2021 bones).The Corvair was built to accelerate similarly to the six-cylinder full-sized Chevrolet Biscayne thanks to its 80 horsepower (60 kW) Chevrolet Turbo-Air 6 engine and optional extra-cost two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission (RPO 360).

Corvair Van

First Generation

The independent suspension system “Quadri- Flex” and the engine, transmission, and rear axle “Unpack Power Team” were two of the Corvair’s distinctive design features. Similar to European bus designs from manufacturers like Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes- Benz, and others, Quadri- Flex featured coil springs at all four bus corners with separate hinder suspense arms built into the back. 

Specially made 5.5 by 13 inch buses were outfitted with 6.5 by 13 inch four-bias tyres. The rear folding seat (formerly $ 32) became standard in February 1960. Other choices included RPO 360, the Powerglide two-speed automatic transmission ($146), RPO 118, a gasoline heater ($74), and RPO 119, an AM tube radio ($54). In 1960, Chevrolet produced 1,683 569 model and 1,208 769 model luxury cruisers.

Corvair Van

Corvair Van

Energy gas, a 219000-mile odometer that has been reset, a missing status indicator, and transmission primer. A cool vintage suds van with a good air and a DIY transmission. The original and incredibly rare pop-top pate trailer is featured. Even though the car doesn’t have a title, the DMV has released it, so all you have to do is take it to the CHP. Everything is there, and there are a few extra corridors, but I haven’t tried to start it. Thickets function. will support a hitch truck’s use.


Anyone looking for an unusual and unique automobile would appreciate the 1962 Corvair Van’s uniqueness and allure. It’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for a distinctive and entertaining vehicle that is also useful and comfy.

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