1969 Opel Opel

1969 Opel Opel is a top-of-the-line model from the German carmaker. At the time, referred to in a 1969 folder as “Opel of Opels.” With a six-cylinder engine that produced 130 horsepower. It was the largest and most opulent Opel ever produced. With a DM,500 price tag, the Opel Opel was also the most expensive car in the lineup.

1969 Opel Opel

Despite carrying a steep price tag, the Opel Opel sold more than 00 copies its first time around. It lasted in production until 1977 when the Opel Senator took its place. If you’re searching for a charming German car with lots of appeals. nonetheless, the Opel Opel is a fantastic option!

Original Condition Of Opel

The car is in Fremont, Nebraska, not Poughkeepsie, New York. The last time I took it out, there was a transmission issue that I fixed. This time, there are no transmission leaks, the transmission shifts smoothly, and the trans mount has been replaced.  the work below was completed one month ago every corridor statement is new.

Brand-new boscage rotors, boscage pads, hinder boscage cans, hinder boscage shoes, frontal boscage calipers, all boscage hoses, hinder boscage cylinders, the entirety of the exhaust from the head pipe back, the muffler, and the resonator are brand-new old stock Monza exhaust, which you can’t actually buy if you wanted to.

1969 Opel Opel

All new exhaust hangers, all 4 new kyb shocks, new shock palace caps, new upper frontal shock palace bushings, a brand-new weber carburetor, all new entrapments (ngk, cables, cap, rotor, points), a brand-new bosch coil, a new shifter charge, a new frontal carpet set, a new hinder spare tire cover, and a new hinder window cover was among the upgrades I had in my garage that were made ( this is the part under the window). New radiator cap, fresh oil painting, fresh oil painting cap, fresh radiator hoses, fresh coolant, fresh energy pump, and fresh energy pollutants.

1969 Opel Opel
1969 Opel Opel

Exterior Condition

now The exterior of the car was recently painted with a clear fleece base fleece, and it is extremely candescent and has no dents. I changed all of the gaskets behind each lens, installed new totems all around, replaced all of the bulbs, painted the door jams and the underside of the hood exclusively, and replaced every light and lens on the car. We can negotiate how the remaining money will be paid at the end. Shipping is on the buyer, and a $500.00 deposit is expected by the pay confidante at the transaction finish. If your hitch driver needs to work with me, I’ll do so. I’ve sold many of these Opels; I owned 40 of them.

I purchase them, patch them up, and sell them. I have a great deal of knowledge about them and have sold a lot of goods overseas, so shipping is always good. Thank you all in advance and please only bid on this car if you actually want it. 845-235-5356 is the number to call if you’re serious and have pressing inquiries.

1969 Opel Opel


I made an effort to describe the car as stylishly as possible. Because these don’t fit properly, the originals are being painted, and brand-new tires are being mounted, so everything will be original and the vehicle will continue to look as wonderful as it does right now.

For anyone seeking a classic car, the 1969 Opel Opel is a fantastic vehicle. It’s a well-built car that’s sure to attract attention. Anyone looking for a classic car will find the Opel Opel to be an excellent purchase.

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