1989 Buick Lesabre T Type

Buick Lesabre T Type

Any vehicle that someone, somewhere, considers to be unique. Include any vehicle that might be considered “special” in some way or for some purpose. That has already been shown by the hefty ownership entrance costs for vehicles like the 1989 Buick Lesabre T Type and a number of other 1980s performance cars. What is the next best option if a GN or GNX is out of range? The Lesabre T-Type comes to mind. At a significantly lower collector car price point, it offers an aggressive suspension package with reduced unsprung weight (we’re looking at those aluminium wheels), plenty of 3.8-liter power, and improved passenger comfort. 

Most value guide resources, with a few notable exceptions, exclude automobiles made after the mid-1980s; however, we think that paying less than 10 large for a sports car from a time when they were considered disposable is a good deal.

Buick Lesabre T Type

History Of Buick Lesabre T Type

A very limited edition LeSabre had Grand National badges on it at the start of the race. Only 112 were produced and were accessible in 1986. The sport coupe model offered by LeSabre the year after was renamed the T-Type and utilised stylistic influences from both the Regal Grand National and T-Type vehicles. Of the three, it was by far the most cheap.

Buick Lesabre T Type

BMW’s lineup had taken on the status of the sports and prestige automobile in America by the early 1980s. Cars from the 3 and 5 Series models were financed with high interest rates, making American automakers envious. They had little to offer those who wanted their cars to have a European or global flavour. For the 1986 model year, the LeSabre was completely brand-new and front-drive, and it was made in Flint, Michigan, a haven for the environment.

LeSabre continued to provide the coupe and sedan body types, but the wagon was discontinued when front-wheel drive was adopted. The model’s reduction was matched by a new, sleek appearance, and the hood was now hinged at the front like a Bavarian automobile.

Buick Lesabre T Type

Present condition 

Brand new brakes, callipers, rotors, pads, and lines professionally put in a 1989 Buick Lesabre T Type with 89k+ original mileage ($1300) Excellent interior and exterior, new power antenna, and very nice tyres. Null rust. Clean undercarriage is a plus. authentic window decal. Runs good. $10,500. This six-cylinder vehicle is in good condition. It has a front-wheel drive and runs on gas. The vehicle is black with 89,000 kilometres on the odometer. It’s a midsize vehicle.

Buick Lesabre T Type

Full-size, luxurious Buick LeSabre T-Type vehicles were produced in 1989. It was the top-tier trim option for the LeSabre and included a number of performance and luxury enhancements. Following the 1990 model year, the T-Type was no longer manufactured after a two-year run.

Buick Lesabre T Type


For its price, the Buick LeSabre is a fine everyday driver. It is cosy, dependable, and simple to operate. Additionally, full-size American sedan enthusiasts will nod their heads in agreement. Just be sure to test drive the vehicle before making the purchase to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The LeSabre T-Type is unquestionably a vehicle to take into consideration if you’re looking for a classic luxury vehicle. These days, it’s hard to locate, and when you drive down the highway, it will definitely draw attention.

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