1990 Plymouth Colt Vista

Plymouth Colt Vista

In this, article we’ve collected some information and prints of all specifications 1990 Plymouth Colt. Then you can obtain similar useful information. As the energy capacity, weight, driving the bus, transmission kind, and other data corresponding to all known model trims. We did great pains to collect all of them. But the quantum is so huge that we could fluently miss something. However, therefore feel free to communicate with us, If this is real. We’ll make the emendations and close the gaps as soon as possible.

Plymouth Colt Vista

History of Plymouth Colt Vista

The 1990 Plymouth Colt Vista was released in 1989 as a relief for the Dodge Omni 024/ Bowl. It was a rebadged rendition of the Mitsubishi Galant EA0 platform. which was also used by the Eagle Talon and the first-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse. The recruit Vista was offered in either front-wheel drive or each-wheel drive mode. It was equipped with an a2.0 L I4 motor coupled to a 5- speed primer or a 3- speed automatic transmission.

Plymouth Colt Vista

The 1990 Colt Vista was well-received by the public. And was lauded for its value, energy frugality, and standard features. It snappily came a popular choice among first-time auto buyers and families. The rebadged Dodge and Plymouth Colt Vista, in Canada also ended as the Eagle Vista Wagon( 1989- 1991). Debuted in August 1983 as a 1984 model and they were available in North America until 1991.

 The recruit Vista was firstly available only with frontal-wheel drive and the2.0- liter 4G63 machine made 88 horsepower( 66 kW) in US trim. Transmissions were the” Twin-Stick”( 4×2 gears), a 5- speed primer, or a 3- speed automatic. Four-wheel drive become an option in the United States in the spring of 1985, however, in Canada, the Colt Vista was only retailed with four-wheel drive in multiple model times including 1986.

Plymouth Colt Vista

In subsequent times, power crept over to 98 hp( 73 kW) ( 73 kW). Top speed was 155 km/ h( 96 mph), 150 km/ h( 93 mph) for the 4WD. The Dodge/ Plymouth recruit/ Eagle Summit carts replaced the Vista.

 Present Condition 

All-wheel drive, 5 gear, runs and drives wonderful, straight and rust free, must see and drive to appreciate, phone for information, thanks for looking!! A negotiable talkie service figure in an increment up to$ 200 may be added to the announced price.

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Plymouth Colt Vista

The exterior color- Blue, and the Interior- Gray, Drivetrain is a four-wheel drive, and the vehicle operates on gasoline. Transmission with a 5- Speed Manual, Engine with a2.0 L I4 8V SOHC, Vehicle Identification Number( VIN) JP4FH31VXLZ043772, Stock 30226, Mileage,519 long hauls.


The 1990 Plymouth Colt Vista is an excellent alternative for anyone seeking an economical, dependable auto. It contains a range of characteristics that make it a terrific pick for a first vehicle, and it’s veritably affordable. However, the Colt Vista is a superb selection, If you’re seeking an auto that’s both economical and dependable.

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