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The 1953 Plymouth Suburban, a symbol of American automotive history, is now available for purchase. With only 42,000 miles on the clock and a price tag of $7500, this vintage car is an absolute steal for any classic car enthusiast.


The Plymouth Suburban, an iconic model from the 1950s, is a vintage car that oozes nostalgia. The 1953 build is a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation of its era. This well-maintained classic car is an excellent example of the timeless charm of vintage Plymouths.


This collector’s item runs on a turbo 350 automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth and powerful drive. Despite its age, the Suburban’s performance remains impressive, thanks to the care taken in maintaining it. The original intake remains intact, contributing to the car’s authentic vintage feel.


The car sports a vibrant green exterior that reflects its era’s aesthetic. The green paint, despite being decades old, has retained its gloss and sheen. Its design, typical of the 1950s, is a visual treat for any classic car enthusiast.


The green theme continues on the inside, with the interior featuring an immaculate green finish. The car’s interior, like its exterior, is a perfect blend of vintage appeal and modern-day functionality.


The car is in good running condition, with several key components replaced for enhanced performance and safety. The Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake lines, fuel lines, gas tank, and tires have all been replaced, providing a safer and smoother drive.


  • An iconic 1953 Plymouth Suburban model
  • Turbo 350 automatic transmission
  • Vibrant green exterior and interior
  • Original intake intact
  • In good running condition
  • Replaced Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake lines, fuel lines, gas tank, and tires


This car is a well-maintained classic, perfect for those seeking a low mileage, affordable, and iconic car. With just 42,000 miles clocked, this car is a rare find. It’s ideal for those who appreciate the classic charm and value the history of American classic cars.


Priced at an affordable $7500, this low mileage, well-kept 1953 Plymouth Suburban is a bargain for any collector or classic car enthusiast.


The 1953 Plymouth Suburban is a timeless piece of American automotive history. Its excellent condition, coupled with its reasonable price, makes it an irresistible purchase for any classic car lover.

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