1969 Ford F-250 Camper Special California Truck W/Vintage Camper

Want a rare, limited-edition truck that stands out so everyone knows it’s special and won’t break your budget? The Ford F-350 Super Camper Special is so unique that the word “special” is part of its name.

The Super Camper Special was built from 1973 to 1979. You might have walked right by it and not known what it was. Ford makes a lot of different things, including sheet metal. so you can be forgiven if you didn’t know about these tens of thousands of F-250 Camper Special from the 1970s.

But if you look closely, you can see some big differences. like how the back bus is pushed further back and that cube is on the passenger side of the bed. Why do you have that? We’ll be there in a very short time.

About Ford F-250 Camper Special California Truck

This truck is a diamond in the rough. And would make a great design for anyone looking for a unique truck with a lot of history. This is a California-built 1969 Ford F-250 Camper Special that has been in storage since 1992.The truck needs some work done to it, but it would be a great candidate for a full restoration.

The body is straight, and the inside is healthy. The engine is a 351 Windsor V8, which is thought to have come with the truck.

Ford F-250 Camper
Ford F-250 Camper

Still, this is also the right truck for you. If you want to buy an old truck with a lot of history.

This 1969 Ford F-250 Camper Special from California has a lot of nice options. Very clean, rust-free, and driven all the time. 390 with 4 speeds and a standard RWD transmission. The original 102000 long hauls work perfectly. Power steering, power thickets, a side tool box, and all Ranger options are all working.

New brakes, clutch, windshield, and thickets. Comes with a 6 pack trailer that is very rare and in great shape. It sleeps six people and fits the truck very well. Almost never happens 20000

Details about this car

This 1969 Ford F-250 Camper Special has a 390ci V8 engine, a 4-speed transmission that was made by the owner, and 4-wheel drive. It has been fixed up completely and is in great shape. The trailer is all set up including a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and everything else you need for a comfortable camping trip.

The Super Camper Special was made for serious RVs that needed more carrying capacity, a biddable lift, and conveniences like a built-in cornrow for easy caravan connections and a sliding hinder cushion that worked with aftermarket trailer protuberances. It was a dream for trailer conversions that were as easy as “plug and play.”

Ford F-250 Camper

Ford started by extending the wheelbase to an amazing 140 inches on a one-ton frame that was narrower by eight inches and had a single Dana 70 full-floating rear axle and a double I-ray front. Only available as a two-wheel drive single cab, the longer wheelbase made for a more stable, smoother-riding truck with less trailer intrusion.

This meant that the space behind the rear axle, which is usually used for the extra, was no longer needed. Ford fixed this by adding a secret cube and a body panel that can be taken apart on the passenger side of the bed. This is where the spare tire is kept.


Still, if you want an old truck with all the bells and whistles, this is the one for you. This truck is sure to attract attention wherever you go, thanks to its cute trailer and sleek interior. Don’t pass up the chance to see something old.

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