1987 Mercury Topaz

Mercury Topaz

When I go to auto junkyards to look for interesting pieces of car history, I’m always happy to find really old cars or high-performance European cars. But what I’m really looking for, forĀ  examples of weird emblem engineering and super-odd all-wheel-drive performance. The first type could be something like a real Mitsubishi Precis, while the last could be the rare Toyota Camry All-Trac. A car that could do both of those things would be very stylish, of course. When I found a discarded Ford Tempo AWD four years ago, I got stuck with the Topaz AWD, which had the Mercury name on it. I looked in every yard for a Mercury Topaz for a long time until this ’87 Topaz GS AWD showed up in Denver.

History of the car

The Mercury Topaz is a small car that Mercury made between 1984 and 1988. In 1984, the Topaz came out as a replacement for the Mercury Lynx. You could get it in a hydrofoil, a coupe, or a station cart.

Mercury Topaz

The Topaz was the Ford Tempo/Mercury Cougar with a different name. The United States, Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela all sold it. The Sable took the place of the Topaz in 1988.

The Mercury Topaz was a popular car back in the day, and now it’s a sought-after classic.But, treasure it! If you get the chance to enjoy one.

Mercury Topaz

 This is a 1987 Mercury Topaz. It has 6 doors, a sunroof, and a raised passenger roof. It is stretched and has a home-made 2.3 transmission. It had nothing to do with being slow. It has two seats in a row that face each other. All new belts and thickets. A new one. It has a cornucopia ooga. The power is in windows and cinches. It’s the only one of its kind and has helped me a lot. Lexan is painted on the middle windows. machines work well. The dashboard and seats are both just right for riding. It costs $7,000 and is white.

Mercury Topaz

Details about this vehicle

The 1987 Mercury Topaz was a small car that came in two body styles: hydrofoil and coupe. It had a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and a five-speed prime transmission as standard. The Topaz also came with a three-speed automatic transmission that could be turned on or off. There were many cool versions of the Topaz, such as the base model, the LX, the GS, and the GS Turbo. On the base model, power windows, power cinches, and a mail player came as standard. The LX got extra features like air conditioning, while the GS got power steering and a bus for connecting to other cars. The top-of-the-line model was the GS Turbo, which had all of the features below plus a turbocharged engine.

Mercury Topaz


The 1987 Mercury Topaz was a popular family car because it was reliable and cheap. The 1987 Mercury Topaz is a cheap and attractive choice for a used car. It’s a good choice for a first car because it’s reliable and has a lot of features. With the right care, it will last for a long time. Now do you like to buy mercury topaz? Let’s buy something and take a long drive to enjoy it.

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