1978 Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

The LUAZ 967 M amphibious military vehicle is being offered for sale. In 1978, I saw the debut of Soviet military amphibious vehicles like the LUAZ 967 M. The vehicle is used to move troops and supplies over land and by road. It is ideal for military duties because it has a water-cooled engine, four-wheel drive, and a front winch.

1978 Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

This 1978 Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle is a flexible vehicle that may be utilized for a variety of tasks, such as carrying out search and rescue missions, moving troops and supplies, and evacuating people. Due to its sturdy construction and potent engine, the LUAZ 967 M is a dependable and durable vehicle that can be relied upon even in the most trying circumstances. If you need more information, keep reading.

1978 Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

Characters of Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

The 22 horsepower motorcycle also required a new motor. As a result, the NAMI-149A, which the Cossacks had united, was used in its place. The car subsequently started to display the traits listed below: a 3 km/h water speed, a 75 km/h highway speed, and 30 hp engine power. The model was decommissioned in 1978.

1978 Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

The 967A and 967A are identical except for their engines. It has a strong MeMZ-967A engine with 40 horsepower. From 1965 until 1977, type LuAZ automobiles were produced. True, it didn’t go on general sale until 1975. Military units have done this thus far. The improved 967M was made available to the public and converted for civilian usage in 1975. This has considerably changed in a number of ways, including the unification of the UAZ car’s electrical system. Hydraulics welcomes Moskovich. All of the parts look good, and the back engine is well covered. The tyre on the wheel was also perfect and easy to drive.

Particular details of Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

The installation of a new winch in place of the old one was the only modification made to the vehicle. The first winch is still readily accessible. There are additional bilge pumps. At the time the vehicle was purchased from the military depot, all sealed tyres were changed with brand-new ones. Cars are entirely painted and painted with anti-rust paints. It has a three-seat interior, a manual transmission with a 1,000 mile range, a green exterior, and a gasoline fuel type. The tyres are brand-new, and the previous tyres are still available. The car is absolutely free of any scratches both inside and outside the hood. 

1978 Luaz 967 M Amphibious Military Vehicle

New original parts have been used to replace all of the mufflers, and the car now has a new original gearbox. The old windscreen has been replaced with a brand-new one. Additionally, there are two sets of authentic OE parts for engine rebuilds and other purposes. The vehicle also has extra hardware that was fitted at the factory. Water testing revealed no leaks. View the video I’ve included. This specific car, in my opinion, is the only one of its kind in North America. I advise you to save us both some time if you disturb me with a discount or an extended sale. The 1978 LUAZ 967 M amphibious military vehicle is a fantastic option if you need an ATV.


It is dependable, sturdy, and transportable. Due to its numerous features, the 967 M is among the most well-liked amphibious vehicles on the market. We are offering for sale an exceptional example of the rare LUAZ 967 M amphibious military vehicle, which was just unloaded from a military storage facility. Only one exists in North America. The cost is fixed. 

So what you think? Do you adore driving this vehicle? Would you consider purchasing a vehicle that has all of these features? For more information or to buy, follow us. 

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