1989 M35a2 Deuce And A Half

M35a2 Deuce And A Half

The M35a2 Deuce And A Half 2.5-ton 6×6 weight vehicle known as the M35a2 Fiend and a Half was utilized by the US service from 1960 until 1987. It was created by the AM General Corporation .And was intended to take the place of the M35 truck currently in use. During the Vietnam War, the American military extensively used the M35a2. which was also given to the armies of other nations.

It has served as a weight truck, ambulance, tractor, and even a bullet launcher in a number of settings. The M35a2 has been withdrawn from military service. But mercenary drug dealers continue to choose it for its durability and off-road prowess. It is still in the product stage and is offered for sale by a number of businesses.

The General M35A2 6 x 6 Fast Data

The GMC CCKW, often known as the “Deuce and a Half” because of its 2 12 tone capacity. It was replaced by the M35 Series 2 12 Ton 6 x 6 Cargo Truck . It was designed in the 1940s and delivered in 1950.

The LDT 465 engine powers the M35A2 in this composition. It is an inline-six 478 cubic inch (7.8 liters) turbocharged multifuel engine. That can run on diesel, sputter energy, kerosene, hot oil painting, or gasoline. It generates 134 bhp and 330 ft- lbs of torque.

M35a2 Deuce And A Half were built in large numbers for military purposes, initially in the USA but quickly adopted by dozens of other countries across the globe. They currently provide what may be the most affordable entry point into the world of off-road 6 by 6 exchanges for the secondary request.

M35a2 Deuce And A Half

The overland camping wagon that you can see there was likewise converted from a military surplus purchase made in 1989. For off-grid living, it offers self-contained housing for up to four people.

Particular Details Of M35a2

The M35 was available in a variety of model variations over the years, including the M35A1, the M35A2, and the M35A3. The LDT 465 engine, which was built by Continental, Hercules, or the White Motor Company at exciting points in the model’s production run, typically powers these, of which the M35A2 is one of the most popular. Rare 1989 fiend and a half. Has 2 new air packs, air assist steering, and a Hercules multipurpose machine.

In excellent condition. nice to drive and run. includes improved led lighting, original weight oil, curves, and redundant corridor.  Expect to lose any drag races since these vehicles’ top speed with factory tires is only about 45 mph. When you start the truck, pay attention and make sure the air compressor and air tanks (beneath the bed) are working. Right now, everything operates as it should when driving. $ 8900 above. It is blended with brown and blue colors. The seats and machines look nice.


If you want a dependable and durable truck, the 1989 M35a2 Fiend and a Half is a fantastic choice. It can move heavy loads and was built to last. For individuals that require a strong and dependable vehicle, the M35a2 is ideal with its significant machine. Let’s purchase and ride comfortably.

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