1995 LS 400

LS 400

For those burdened by the grey hairs, migraines, and ulcers that seem to accompany success. The Lexus1995 LS 400 may be the best medicine a doctor would recommend. Available in convenient over-the-counter form since introduced at the tail end of 1994 as a ’95 model. The second-generation LS 400 surpassed its giant-toppling predecessor .By offering improved power, increased luxury, and expanded interior space.

LS 400

LS 400

The LS 400 continues to use a double-wishbone suspension with anti-roll bars, fore and aft. The suspension geometry has been tuned .To improve handling with the aid of newly designed shock absorbers with internal rebound springs. Reduced body roll and improved driving feel permit .A tighter bond between man and machine without sacrificing the trademark Lexus comfort.

LS 400

Safety has always been a key focus for Lexus, and this is further evidenced in the LS 400 by dual front airbags, a collapsible steering column, an onboard first-aid kit, and three-point restraints for all five seat positions. For ’97, Lexus added standard front side airbags. And just in case, an emergency tool kit with a handy flashlight is mounted in the trunk. From day one, the standard keyless entry system befuddled the staff with intermittent operation until the key fob’s battery was replaced.

LS 400

The commodious 115.9-cubic-foot interior features keen design economy in regard to the instrument pod and surrounding controls. Each button and switch is clearly labelled, precise in its movement, and adequately sized to allow effortless adjustments while driving. Seats swathed in rich leather provide comfortable quarters for five adults, with the front passengers further benefiting from power adjustments, including lumbar and a power tilt/telescope steering column. The optional memory seats permit programming for two drivers, allowing an easy return to the preferred settings, such as when picking up the car from valet service at the country club. One-touch operation of the optional moonroof minimises the time hands are spent away from the steering wheel.

Qualities Of LS 400

Lexus’ high-capacity automatic climate-control system with separate driver and passenger temperature zones proved its value on numerous long trips through stretches of scorching Arizona, California, and Nevada desert. While we appreciated the standard air-filtration device, however, we preferred to keep the system in “recirculation” mode when navigating through the thick and tangy Los Angeles smog.

LS 400

Our Lexus only required servicing at the recommended intervals. The initial 1000-mile and subsequent 7500-mile dealer maintenance visits were quick, painless, and complimentary. As the miles quickly accrued on the odometer, we returned to our dealer four more times, racking up $527 in scheduled servicing. As we witnessed during our year-long test, part of Lexus’ appeal goes beyond the high-quality product to the actual ownership experience. A woman from Louisiana wrote, “I am treated like royalty at the dealership. I can’t think of anything further that could be done to make me feel so special.”

LS 400

This is a great car and it is in excellent condition. The cylinders are 8 and it is a manual. The fuel is gas and it has a clean title. It is a sedan and it is full size. The paint colour is white and the odometer is 85000.


Car looks like it came out of a time capsule . If you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable, and luxurious car, the 1995 LS 400 is a great option. This car is perfect for long road trips and has plenty of features to keep you comfortable.

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