Rare 1987 Buick LeSabre T Type

Buick LeSabre T Type

This car is for the general public. An uncommon 1987 Buick LeSabre T Type is still available for someone to drive. It is the ideal vehicle for touring the city because it has all the power and style you could ask for in a vehicle. So why don’t you visit the lot and give it a spin? No, you won’t be let down.

It is a rare commodity that is available. Yes, you read it correctly, and Todd Snider of London, Ontario, owns this specific model, which is more emotive than it initially appears to be.

After tragically losing his 1987 T-Type in a fire, Todd put up this LeSabre and clumsily started working. Todd thinks his small front-drive Buick, which is powered by a rebuilt 3.8-liter Buick engine and fitted with a custom Custom Cams camshaft, produces 245 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, which he sends to the bus via a 440T- 4 transmission. Who’s next? How do an LS2/T56 quintet and a conversion to a hinder-wheel drive sound?

 Rare 1987 Buick LeSabre T Type 

If you’re a Buick junkie, you already know that the LeSabre T Type is a unique find. Only two instances of this car—in 1987 and 1988—were manufactured. Only a sprinkle of those was produced in 1987. Therefore, you are in for a treat if you are fortunate enough to discover one of these gems. Buick’s top-tier model, the LeSabre T Type, was evident in the luxuries and equipment it offered. Leather seats, a V8 engine, and all the power features were included as standard equipment. It’s understandable why there were so many manufactured because it was a true luxury vehicle.

However, you manage to locate a rare 1987 Buick LeSabre T Type, you are in for a great treat. Every time you drive it, people will stop and stare because it is a genuine collector’s piece. Enjoy it for both its weirdness and elegance; it’s a truly unique vehicle.

Buick LeSabre T Type

Details About 1987 Buick Lesabre T Type

In the pristine atmosphere of Flint, Michigan, the LeSabre was built for the 1986 model year, all-new and front-drive. LeSabre kept its hydrofoil and coupe body types, but lost the cart when it switched to front-wheel drive.

 500k on a new machine and gearbox, nice interior, well-kept. L67 swap/Supercharged, competitive cam, contesting pistons, spotless heads, etc.

All service records, the original window sticker, and all damage are all in my possession.

Additional supercharger and a large number of unnecessary corridors. Runs horribly and very quickly. This 1987 Buick LeSabre T Type has 6 cylinders, a front-wheel drive, and gas energy. It is in fair condition. It is full size, has a clean title status, and has a black cosmetics colour. It is a coupe with an automatic transmission.

Buick LeSabre T Type


Still, if you’re looking for a historic car, be sure to look into the 1987 Buick LeSabre T Type. Any collector must own this car, and it is guaranteed to draw attention wherever it goes. Don’t pass up this opportunity, and purchase this automobile now!

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