The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Purchasing is highly recommended

There is no other automobile that more embodies strength, elegance, and subtlety than this cinematic icon. The 2018 Aston Martin DB11 carries on the legacy of its forerunners with jaw-dropping good looks, exhilarating performance, and the refined European cachet of a luxury sports car.

It’s true that there are other lust-worthy automobiles on par with the DB11 (perhaps a Bentley Continental GT or a McLaren), but very few of them make driving quite as enticing as this one does.

If we could only get our hands on a DB11 off the shelf, we’d be perfectly happy. It possesses unrivaled fashion, an interior that is lavishly detailed, and sufficient technology to fulfill our needs. But when you can have something made specifically for you, what’s the point of buying something off the shelf?

If we were going to use the DB11 on a hot day, we would absolutely choose seats that had ventilation, and we may even splurge for a nicer quality of leather. If we wanted to get the most out of listening to Wagner and Verdi while driving through deserted, forested backroads, we would forgo the middle-tier Aston Martin sound system and go straight for the Bang & Olufsen system instead.

Last but not least, we’d go with the brand-new V8 engine choice since it’s more lightweight and has the potential for further excitement around the curves.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Purchasing is highly recommended
The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Purchasing is highly recommended. Image source:

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11 models

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11 is only available in a single trim level that is extremely well-equipped and has a small number of additional options that may be purchased separately.

The DB11 comes standard with high-end features like supple leather seats and cutting-edge technology. Moreover, a large options list enables you to customize the vehicle to your own preferences.

There is a choice between a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine that produces 503 horsepower and 498 pound-feet of torque and a turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 engine that produces 600 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Both engines are mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission that drives the rear wheels.

Standard equipment includes wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter, an adaptive suspension, LED headlights and taillights, a power-opening trunk, power-adjustable heated front seats, keyless ignition and entry, leather upholstery, a faux suede headliner, dual-zone automatic climate control, a 360-degree parking camera, and front and rear parking sensors. Other available options include a heated steering wheel, a sunroof, and a panoramic parking camera.

A digital instrument and gauges display, an 8-inch infotainment display with a rotary control dial, Bluetooth, satellite radio, iPhone integration, a USB input, a premium Aston Martin audio system, and an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot are some of the technological elements that are included.

There is, of course, a large amount of room for personalization. Customers who purchase a DB11 have the option of upgrading the leather, carpet, interior color, and decorative stitching.

They can also choose to have ventilated seats, an upgraded Aston Martin sound system, or a top-level Bang & Olufsen sound system, as well as exterior enhancements such as a gloss-black body kit, several different 20-inch wheel designs, colored brake calipers, and cosmetic roof and hood treatments.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11 Overview

Following in the footsteps of Aston’s DB9 is the grand touring coupe known as the DB11. In appearance, the DB9 and the DB11 are not too different from one another, however, the DB11 features an updated aluminum body construction.

Within the vehicle, the modern additions, such as upgraded materials and electronics, are more noticeable. Moreover, there is a turbocharged 12-cylinder engine under the hood.

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz will also offer a new V8 engine option with 503 horsepower that will be derived from the high-performance AMG division of Mercedes-Benz. This choice will be available in addition to the magnificent 12-cylinder engine.

Officials from Aston claim that a DB11 outfitted with a V8 engine is more than 200 pounds lighter than a coupe powered by a V12 engine, and that the engine’s reduced size allows it to be more centered inside the wheelbase of the vehicle. The end product is a car that is able to manage with a little bit more speed and accuracy than the grand touring car with the bigger engine.

According to Aston, the DB11 is a “2+2,” which in practice implies that it can accommodate two people in the rear seats. In actuality, you probably won’t want to, at least not with somebody you count as a relative or a close friend. These are rather cramped seats in the back. No matter.

A majestic English grand touring automobile such as the DB11 requires just one additional seat for a companion. This seat is swathed in exquisite leather and decorated with ornate stitching, and it is surrounded by a cabin that is overflowing with luxurious luxuries. The DB11 is more of a sensory experience than a simple mode of transportation because of its sound, speed, and sheer presence.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Expert Review

This expert review is provided by Dan Frio. Dan covered the go-fast, look-good, and get-loud areas of the automotive world for many years.

He first worked as the editor of enthusiast publications AutoSound and Honda Tuning before becoming the executive editor of SEMA News, the trade organization’s publishing arm that oversees the annual SEMA Show (yes, that show).

He now prefers to keep the music down and the speed limit in place as an Edmunds contributor, giving drivers seeking the ideal match professional car-shopping guidance.

So, what’s the latest

  • In addition to the basic V12, a new optional V8 engine and hands-free trunk are available.
  • Optional blind-spot alerts are now included.
  • Introduced in 2017 as a member of the first generation of DB11s.


  • Grand-touring gravitas provided by potent V-12 engine.
  • The new 503-horsepower V8 engine is an option that improves handling and responsiveness.
  • Unique and attractive style.
  • Customizable in a number of ways, including color, choice, and intricacy.


  • The back seats serve little purpose.
  • Several common driving aids.
  • Lack of available safety features.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Performance

It’s the car James Bond drives. That is the only justification we require for purchasing an Aston Martin. This Hollywood-via-England classic is a car that is revered for its power, style, and understated elegance, but it is not an illusion created by the silver screen.

The Aston Martin DB11 from 2018 exemplifies the most recent development in automotive technology at its most rakish.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Safety

Front and Rear Parking Sensors
Help to Prevent or Minimize Low-Speed Collisions with Objects or Pedestrians by Providing Audible Alerts and Assisting in Preventing or Minimizing Low-Speed Collisions.

Airbags for the Pelvis, the Thorax, and the Side Curtains
Protects in the case of a collision, which is a wonderful thing to have when your automobile is capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

A Bird’s-Eye View from Every Angle
The 360-degree bird’s-eye camera offers a bird’s-eye perspective of the regions surrounding the DB11, which helps to lessen the risk of getting into an accident in parking lots.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Utility and Technology

Although though there is less capacity in the trunk due to the rear transaxle, there is still adequate storage for a few weekend bags. There is not much space for storing smaller items. The majority of your portable items may be stored in the middle console, which opens up like a clamshell.

The technology that comes standard includes navigation with an 8-inch touchscreen, a virtual instrument panel, and an infotainment dial-and-trace controller that was borrowed from Mercedes.

There are no modern safety aids included as standard, although a blind-spot warning system and an automatic parking system are available as options. The Bang & Olufsen audio that is currently available is well worth the investment.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Interior

Rich leather upholstery, wood trim, and an updated design are just some of the ways in which the DB11 is a significant upgrade over its DB9 predecessor.

Electronics and switchgear produced from Mercedes have taken the role of formerly common components purchased from smaller automakers. The use of controls that are built into the glossy dashboard panel is distracting but ultimately superior.

The 2018 Aston Martin DB11: Comfort and Driving

Even though they are hard and help keep you in place when cornering, the front seats are nonetheless comfortable enough to use for extended road trips. The back seats are a thoughtful addition, but they are more suited to accommodating excess luggage than actual passengers.

You will hear a lot of noise from the engine and the exhaust, coupled with some noise from the wind and the road. When driven sensibly, the DB11 has graceful acceleration, and when driven more enthusiastically, it rewards the driver with satisfying engine noises.

In Sport mode, the throttle response is made more responsive, and the suspension may be adjusted to make the vehicle handle more precisely. However, the car’s mass becomes more noticeable as it gets closer to its boundaries; this is a touring car, not a lithe sport coupe.


It is the one and only justification we require for purchasing an Aston Martin. There is no other automobile that better embodies the qualities of strength, elegance, and subtlety than this timeless classic from Hollywood by way of England; nonetheless, it is not a mirage created by the silver screen.

The Aston Martin DB11, which was released in 2018, exemplifies the most recent stage in the development of driving to its most rakish potential.

What’s the verdict: The 2018 Aston Martin DB11 leasing or buying?

If you ask around, you’ll hear that purchasing a car is highly recommended. If you’re prepared to make larger monthly payments, pay off the loan in full, and retain the automobile for a few years, it makes financial sense to do so.

On the other hand, leasing often results in lower regular payments than buying. It’s also beneficial if you prefer to get a new automobile every three years or so.

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