The 2022 Acura ILX: Appears to be fairly fashionable and appropriate

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and automobiles are both made under the luxury brand that Honda sells, but sadly no longer sports cars. The iconic NSX has reached the finish line of its journey. With the impending release of the ZDX Type S, Acura will also be contributing to the movement toward electrification.

Even though Acura is trying to become a premium brand, many of its cars have trouble competing with cars from other brands. Controls on recently evaluated models are notoriously difficult to use. Powertrains have a tendency to be peppy, and reliability is typically rather high across the board.

The 2022 Acura ILX: Appears to be fairly fashionable and appropriate
The 2022 Acura ILX: Appears to be fairly fashionable and appropriate. Image source: MotorTrend

The 2022 Acura ILX Models

In response to low sales and bad reviews, Acura made a lot of changes to its entry-level luxury compact car for the 2016 model year. The number of engines available was reduced to just one, a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that was paired with a dual-clutch transmission that was standard.

This transmission was clumsy and slow to downshift. The dual-screen infotainment system in this Acura was, in the same way as it is in other Acuras, difficult to operate.

More opulent amenities have been incorporated, and an optional AcuraWatch system now includes autonomous emergency braking and warnings of impending collisions in front of the vehicle. The ILX gives the impression of being an affordable luxury vehicle, but its handling isn’t great, the ride is choppy and tight, and the driver’s seat doesn’t provide lower back support. These are all factors that undermine this perception.

Despite the fact that the Acura ILX is built on the Honda Civic platform from the previous generation, the Honda Civic that was revamped for the 2016 model year is a more satisfying and fun vehicle than the Acura. Although it shares its underpinnings with the Honda Civic, the Acura ILX, which is Acura’s entry-level luxury compact sedan, offers a different suspension tuning.

Moreover, it has finer amenities and nicer interior materials. There were three different four-cylinder engines that could be purchased: a 2.0-liter base engine, a 1.5-liter hybrid engine, and a high-revving 2.4-liter four that could only be purchased with a six-speed manual transmission.

The standard engine and the five-speed automatic transmission are both refined and economical, but the vehicle’s acceleration lacks excitement. The controls weren’t overly complicated, which was especially helpful given the absence of a GPS system, and the back seat was surprisingly roomy for a compact sedan.

The ILX was available in only a few different configurations: the Premium package included HID headlights and satellite radio, whereas the Technology package featured navigation and an updated ELS surround audio system.

Heated leather seats and active noise cancellation were both new features for the 2014 model year. The promise of “cheap luxury” made by this Acura is undermined because, despite having competent handling, the ride is rough, and the vehicle generates a lot of road noise.

The 2022 Acura ILX Overview

The Acura ILX 2022 is a compact luxury sedan, and it is currently the brand’s smallest offering in terms of vehicle size. It is also the one that has the longest history. The current iteration of the ILX was first introduced in 2013, and it has not undergone a comprehensive change since then. This is an eon when discussed in the context of automobiles.


  • The product offers a substantial amount of value for the price.
  • Little sedans typically have favorable fuel efficiency.


  • The interior trim is made of plastic.
  • Ride that is much too stiff
  • Numerous technological aspects have become obsolete.
  • Acceleration at a leisurely pace, in particular for the class.

The following items are included as standard equipment on the ILX:

  • LEDs in the headlights
  • Sunroof
  • Upholstery made with a leather imitation
  • Dual-zone automatic temperature control
  • The front seats are heated, and there is a Bluetooth music streaming system and a six-speaker sound system.

The basic safety gear includes:

  • Front collision alert (alerts you of a possible collision with the car in front)
  • Stopping to avoid a crash (applies the brakes automatically to stop the vehicle to avoid or minimize a collision)
  • Lane departure warning (alerts you if the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane)
  • Lane departure mitigation (warns you when you leave your lane without using your turn signal and can automatically steer to keep you in your lane)
  • Adaptive cruise control (maintains a driver-set distance between the Acura and the car in front)
The 2022 Acura ILX gives off the impression of being stuck in the past.
The 2022 Acura ILX gives off the impression of being stuck in the past. Image source: MotorTrend

2022 Acura ILX Review

The 2022 Acura ILX has the sensation of a vehicle that has been frozen in time. Although it has a stylish appearance and blends in well with Acura’s other products, the interior, powertrain, and technological amenities are all outdated and fall short of the benchmark set by the segment’s leaders.

Having said that, the ILX is available at a price that is a considerable amount lower than that of its primary competitors, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

When compared to competitors like the Audi A3, Genesis G70, and Mercedes A-Class, the ILX is plagued by antiquated technological features, an interior design that is less opulent than its competitors’, and a performance that falls short of expectations.

But that’s about all there is to say about it. The pricing is reasonable. Be aware as well that Acura has revealed that the Integra, a compact and athletic sedan, will be making a comeback.

It wouldn’t surprise us if it ended up taking the place of the ILX in 2023. But if you have your heart set on the ILX, check out the Expert Rating that our staff has provided below to acquire all the information.

Performance: What kind of handling does the ILX have?

The ILX is a disappointing vehicle to pilot in general. The acceleration is sluggish, and you really need to press down on the gas pedal before it begins to gain speed.

Both passing on the highway and accelerating on an on-ramp are acceptable practices, but they are a step or two behind what you will experience in the vehicles that are at the front of the class. Both the brakes and the steering have disappointing levels of performance. In the event of an emergency, stopping distances are also longer than usual.

When driven at a faster speed and with somewhat agile handling, the ILX reveals its full potential. Even though there is a fair bit of body roll, the ILX is able to compensate for it and maintain its cool demeanor.

The all-season tires that come standard on the ILX aren’t up to par with what the car seems capable of delivering, so upgrading to better tires could make a big difference. There is none of the low-speed lurching that you’ll see in transmissions that are less tuned, thanks to the dual-clutch transmission’s quick and smooth changes. This is a definite plus.

Comfort: How nice is the ILX to ride in?

We don’t think the ILX is as comfortable as a luxury car should be. The driver’s seat is comfortable enough, with good support and soft cushions, but it can’t be adjusted as much as seats from competitors can.

The cushions can only take the ILX’s less-than-great ride so far. It always feels a little too firm. This makes the car feel sporty and quick, but it also makes the ILX crash when it goes over bumps.

Also, the cabin is too loud. The engine never stops buzzing, and the rough idle makes it hard to drive. There is also a lot of noise from the wind and the road, especially when driving on the highway. You just aren’t as isolated as you are in other cars in this class.

The one flaw in the otherwise roomy cabin is the driver's seat, which won't lower all the way to the floor.
The one flaw in the otherwise roomy cabin is the driver’s seat, which won’t lower all the way to the floor. Image source: MotorTrend

What is the condition of the interior like?

The two-screen infotainment system seen in Acura vehicles is really underwhelming. It is not clear what information is conveyed to which display without taking out the menu, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto appear on the display that is located on top and does not have a touchscreen.

It is not easy to browse the options, and all in all, it is several steps behind the class leaders. Controls that are independent of the information and entertainment systems are in a far better position. These are simple to read and get to, and the majority of the major systems have buttons that are exclusively for that purpose.

A driver’s seat that won’t go all the way down to the floor is the only thing that brings down the otherwise large cabin. After going over particularly severe bumps in the road, one of our test drivers bumped his head multiple times on the roof of the vehicle.

Aside from that, there is a sufficient amount of space in the rear for passengers’ legs and shoulders, so they won’t feel limited or squashed. The ILX has great outward visibility because it has large windows and windscreen pillars that aren’t too thick.

Technology: How is the technology?

When it comes to technology, the ILX is years behind the times. The infotainment system is the same one that was available in Honda and Acura vehicles approximately five years ago, and it has not been changed since then.

The utilization of the arrangement with two screens is rather difficult. When playing music, the audio quality does not have the same pop that it does when listening to audiobooks or podcasts.

In a similar vein, the driver assistance features of the ILX appear to be several years behind the competition. The system is too cautious and doesn’t have enough refinement, so it often gives wrong readings.

The adaptive cruise control has big blind spots and does not function below 20 miles per hour, which is a major drawback given that this is the speed range in which these systems are typically the most helpful.

How would you rate the storage?

There are pros and cons to the ILX’s storage options. The majority of today’s compact sedans come equipped with phone holders and door pockets that are big enough to hold a couple of water bottles each. This is not true of the ILX.

The front door pockets are narrow, but the center console is a good size. On the other hand, the bin that is located in front of the shifter is quite small. There are no pockets whatsoever on the back.

The trunk has a great size of 12.4 cubic feet and is roomier than the trunks of automobiles such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, but the design of the trunk hinge cuts down the overall storage capacity of the vehicle.

When it comes to putting child safety seats in place, things are looking a little bit brighter. There is a reasonable amount of space available, and the back doors open at a rather broad angle.

It’s possible that larger seats that face the rear won’t fit, but it’s not out of the ordinary for vehicles in this class. The two seats that are furthest out from the middle of the vehicle each have a car seat anchor that can be accessed with little effort.

What is the vehicle’s average miles per gallon rating?

In combined city and highway driving, the EPA estimates that the Acura ILX achieves a fuel economy of 28 mpg. Throughout our evaluation, we were able to achieve an excellent 33.3 miles per gallon. That is on par with or even exceeds the quality of the vast majority of comparable entry-level luxury sedans.

Is the ILX a good buy for the money?

The ILX comes in at a price that is considerably lower than that of its competitors. In terms of features, it does not lack anything either. On top of that, it has a good set of standard driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist.

Although the interior quality isn’t quite as premium as what you’ll find in other luxury sedans, it’s still a step up from what you’ll find in the majority of cars in this price range.

The scope of coverage provided by the warranty is standard. Acura provides a limited warranty that lasts for four years or 50,000 miles, as well as a powertrain warranty that lasts for six years or 70,000 miles.

In addition, you will receive roadside support for a period of four years or 50,000 miles, although there is no maintenance package included as there is with some of your competitors.


The ILX has a very sleek design. There are clear ties to earlier Acura cars, especially the NSX, which can be seen in the design, which looks good without being too much. The interior is still fairly attractive, even though it might not quite live up to the exterior’s expectations.

Regrettably, it does not drive nearly as well as it appears to have the potential to do so. The ILX and the previous generation of the Honda Civic Si share a number of technical components, including the 2.4-liter engine that produces 201 horsepower.

The problem is that all of the power is concentrated at the high end, which means that you have to put in a lot of effort in order to achieve peak performance. But the lifeless steering kills a lot of the excitement, despite the fact that the chassis is very agile.

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